Beware | How to spot if your iPhone has a virus

Is your iPhone jailbroken (and you’ve been surfing fishy sites)? Have any suspicious parties plugged an external device into it lately? Are there any strange profiles installed under Settings > General > Profiles? Have you installed an app from somewhere else than the App Store app? Or have you given an app way too many permissions? If the answer to these questions is ‘no,’ your phone is most likely fine.

But,for virus detection there are few clues. First, how is your phone behaving? Does it freeze and requires rebooting? Are you seeing strange calls, emails or text messages? Are seeing strange text messages sent from your phone? Are the apps appearing that you did not download? Is your phone taking pictures by itself. All these behaviors are indicative of a virus. Don’t believe the hype, iPhones and Apple computers are vulnerable to malware and viruses. Another thing to look out for, is your phone or apps asking for permission to access contacts or other data. Are your contacts getting messages with attachments or links? BEWARE!

Most viruses on phones makes phones run really slow and things will pop up on your phone for no reason like a Failed Mail Attatchment or Caution a Stop. Random stuff will randomly pop up and you wouldn’t be able to do anything.

There are a few that can be transferred to jailbroken iPhones via compromised computers. There is also malware and other malicious software that can be moved onto jailbroken iPhones.