Beware of getting cheated by fake advertisements offering huge discounts for Samsung-Note-DS-Gold-Platinum

New Delhi, September 6: A fake advertisement has started to be circulated among social media groups offering 98% discount for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The advertisement is in the name of the e-commerce giant

The actual price of Samsung Note 5 DS (Gold Platinum, 32GB) is Rs 46,900 in the actual website.

When we open the fake ad link, it says The phone is for sale with 98% discount, that is the customer has to pay only Rs. 999 and Rs. 49 as delivery charges instead of Rs 46,900. What a grand idea…

Web page displaying fake advertisement.

Web page displaying fake advertisement.

At the add page when the customer clicks BUY NOW, a small window pop ups, asking to share the ad link in eight different watts app group to prove authenticity. One more trap. They are trying to use the customers for the publicity of their fake advertisement.

Here is the link of both fake ad and real page.

Fake ad: