Beware!!! it’s a rumour Only, You Can’t withdraw Rs 5 lakh with a ’verified’ wedding card

New Delhi, Nov 15: Did you come across the piece of news from friends, neighbours or on social media that showing a wedding card, which has been ’verified’ by the DCP of the area, to bank officials will allow you to withdraw Rs 5 lakh from your account, or get the amount exchanged at RBI?

Well! Delhi Police has trashed the report as rumor.

DCP North East Delhi tweeted on Sunday that there is no such decision taken place that if DCP certifies regarding marriage in family, person can withdraw 5 lakh from their bank account.

He added that police will also be taking cognisance of all social media accounts which are spreading #Rumours !! It’s an offence under section 505 of IPC.

As a result of government’s drive against black money, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes ceased to be legal tender from midnight of November 8. The move has impacted the cash flow of common public as well as small traders and businesses. However, common public is braving the government’s move despite hardships.