Bigg Boss 10 : Akanksha Sharma’s claims declined By Yuvraj Singh’s Family

Mumbai, Oct 21: Akanksha Sharma, the former wife of popular cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s brother Zorawar, has been sharing the reasons for the breakdown of her marriage on reality TV series ‘Bigg Boss 10’, which she joined as a contestant on 16th October.

In particular, Sharma believes the couple’s problems had further escalated during their short affiliation due to the influence of Sharma’s mother-in-law, Shabnam Singh.

Within the first week of the show, Sharma was seen confiding in other housemates that her mother-in-law not only accompanied the couple on their honeymoon but shared the same room.

However, the Singh family have refuted the comments made altogether.

According to DNA, their spokesperson commented saying, “Shabnam can talk, but the matter is sub-judice.

The fact is, Zorawar and Akanksha had an arranged marriage as Akanksha’s mother and Shabnam were good friends.

The couple didn’t have time to meet and know each other much before they tied the knot so, post marriage Akanksha’s mother requested Shabnam a trip with the couple.

They felt Akanksha would feel more comfortable having a conjugal relationship if they accompanied the couple.

So, Shabnam booked four tickets to Goa and three rooms at the Taj Residency — one for the couple and two for her and Akanksha’s mother.

It was done in good faith. She has the proof of their travel and stay.”