BiggBoss10 contestant Priyanka Jagga eliminated

Mumbai,Oct24: The India wale inside the house of Bigg Boss season 10 would have been surprised to see Priyanka Jagga getting eliminated from the show. Yes, you heard that right. Priyanka, the loudest India wali contestant was voted out of the house on Sunday.

It is surprising because, trouble makers or the loudest contestants usually tend to remain longer inside the house. Priyanka emerged as a noise maker within about 10 days of the show’s start this season. Moreover, she appeared to be a strong contender for the grand finale.

She ended up having altercations with almost every celebrity inside the house but her dramatics didn’t impress the viewers it seems.

Besides Jagga, celebrities Gaurav Chopra and Mona Lisa had been nominated for Sunday’s eviction but the two actors got saved this time.

A mother to two sons, Priyanka, had been quite flamboyant and outspoken. Now that she is out of the show, it would be interesting to see what game plan the India wale must be adopting to challenge the celebrities.