Bihar CM Nitish Kumar supports Demonetisation, Says he sees both sides of the coin

Prime Minister Narendra Modi would win 2019 Lok Sabha Elections: Nitish Kumar.

New Delhi, Nov 25: Reiterating his support to the Centre’s demonetisation decision, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today described the move as a “courageous step” even as he admitted that “poor arrangements” in its implementation were causing hardship to the common man.

He also dismissed reports of “confusion or fissures” in the grand alliance in Bihar over the demonetisation issue.

Kumar described the Centre’s demonetisation decision as “sahsik” (courageous), which, he said, would help in the fight against black money.

However, the attack on black money would yield better results only when scrapping of notes is coupled with attack on benami properties and prohibition, the chief minister said.

“While supporting demonetisation in principle, I, with equal strength, criticise the poor arrangements for its implementation due to which common man is facing hardship,” Kumar, who is also the JD(U) National President, said.

“I am seeing a minus with plus whereas many others are seeing only minuses,” he said.