BJP Chief Amit Shah storms against Rahul Gandhi; Asking ‘dalali’ word to use to refer to the Indian Army?

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New Delhi, Oct 07: BJP president Amit Shah carried out a press conference during which he slammed Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for his ‘khoon ki dalali’ remark.

Earlier today, the Congress VP said that he unequivocally supported the military action but was against the use of army in political posters and propaganda by the Bharatiya Janata Party.
Here are the highlights of the BJP president’s presser:
>> Just want to ask Rahul Gandhi, is dalali a word to refer Indian Army and their efforts to save the country?
>> We have not politicised the surgical strikes, but yes at a local level some of our workers have got enthused with patriotic zeal after the strikes
>> We believe in the armys bullets, not politicians’ statements
>> The uproar that is happening in Pakistan is enough proof for the  surgical strike, the sceptical political parties can analyse that
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had cautioned his ministers again “chest-thumping” about the strikes, but posters put up by his party in Uttar Pradesh present him and the Defence Minister as heroic figures.