BJP hopes Narada sting case will be probed by CBI

Kolkata, Jan 9 (IANS) Amid the ongoing probe into the Rose Valley chit fund case, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)’s National Secretary Rahul Sinha on Monday said he is expecting Narada sting case to be investigated by the CBI.

He also said that the Sarada chit fund scam will be tagged with the ongoing Rose Valley scam investigation.

“The Rose Valley (chit fund scam) case investigation is going on. The Sarada (chit fund) scam will be tagged with this and I am hoping the Narada case also to come under the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) scanner by the High Court’s order,” Sinha said.

The BJP leader also said that the people of the West Bengal are expecting “multiple arrests” in the Rose Valley scam investigation.

“People want multiple arrests in the case. The state Chief Minister herself is naming so many people involved in the scam. Need we say more?” Sinha said.

The Narada sting case, in which several top Trinamool ministers were allegedly caught on hidden camera accepting money, had a hearing last Friday in the Calcutta High Court.

During a hearing, Calcutta High Court’s acting Chief Justice Nishita Mhatre said the evidence available in the Narada sting case calls for a thorough investigation, and added that the investigation should not be carried out by the state police authorities.