BJP slams Malayalam film director Kamal

Kozhikode, Jan 9 (IANS) Taking up cudgels against ace Malayalam film director Kamal, the Kerala state BJP on Monday said that he was made the Chairman of the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy by the CPI-M government for terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “man-eater”.

“He (Kamal) is one who has the mental make-up of someone who supports religious fundamentalists. If he is unable to live in the country, he can best leave the country and go elsewhere,” the state General Secretary of the BJP A.N. Radhakrishan said.

“All know that he got the post of the Chairman because he termed Modi a ‘man-eater’,” he added.

Radhakrishan’s statement comes at a time when the BJP is undertaking four ‘yatras’ across the state.

Radhakrishnan also demanded that the pictures of Che Guevara, the Argentine Marxist and a Cuban revolutionary figure, be removed from the villages of Kerala as he is a “bad influence on the youths”.

“The CPI-M should instead put the pictures of their leaders like E.M.S. and A.K. Gopalan, and not that of Che,” added Radhakrishnan.

Kamal came under attack from the BJP for his remarks at the International Film Festival of Kerala in December last year over the playing of the national anthem in theatres before screening of films.

Malayalam director Kamal assumed office of the chairman of Kerala’s apex cinema body in July last year.