Black face Beauty chain ad in Malaysia causes outrage

Black face Beauty chain ad in Malaysia causes outrage

Kuala Lumpur,June30:A Malaysian beauty chain released an advert with a storyline based on a traditional fairy tale. But it caused a huge wave of outrage online.

The ad, which has been pulled, featured a number of Malaysian celebrities, and tells of the Malay folklore, Dayang Senandong. The ad shows princesses and beauties trying to win the heart of a rich merchant.

Dayand Senandong is a Malay folklore about a lady cursed with black skin and a beautiful voice, which led a king to fall in love with her. The curse of the black skin was only broken after Dayang Senandong gave birth to the king’s child.

Watson Malaysia has apologised for the ad with a statement, “We stand firm on the belief that unity and fairness plays an important role, and we respect people from all nationalities. The video was shot to highlight the Legend and its moral values of inner beauty and that true love exists. We are sorry that some of our fans feel offended by the video which was not our intention.”

Kimkardiashian reposted a darker version of herself herself.

The drama unfolded shortly after a faux au natural of the 36-year-old was shared to her social pages in celebration of her KKW Beauty line. Perhaps in the midst of keeping up with trends like Kylie Jenner’s beauty line, Kardashian may have missed the heavy amounts of shading that teeter-tottered on the lines of cultural appropriation.

While one of the photos showing Kim’s “darker” look was reposted, it didn’t stop fans from voicing their opinions about the photo.