Blessed that both ‘Kaabil’, ‘Raees’ did well: Narendra Jha

Mumbai, Feb 15 (IANS) Actor Narendra Jha, who played pivotal roles in Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khans “Raees” and Hrithik Roshan-starrer “Kaabil”, says he feels blessed that both the films received positive response despite clashing at the box office.

“Raees” and “Kaabil” released on January 25 and went on to mint over Rs 100 crore each at the box office.

While “Raees” featured Narendra as Musabhai, the actor played the character of police officer Chaubey in “Kaabil”.

“I am blessed that 2017 is doing good for me. By God’s grace, my both films ‘Raees’ and ‘Kaabil’ did well at the box office. People discuss about my work as well and are giving me credits too,” Narendra said in a statement.

“It’s always a great feeling when your hard work is appreciated. It feels good to hear people talking about me,” he added.

Talking about working with Hrithik in “Kaabil”, Narendra said: “We did tremendous hard work for this film and that seriousness can be seen in Hrithik. He supported me a lot and is very much down to earth. He is a great human before being a star.”