Boby Chemmanur to rehabilitate stray dogs from Kozhikode by transporting them to the old age home in Kalpetta

Kozhikode,Oct15: Coming out against Kalpetta residents’ resistance to businessman Boby Chemmanur’s plan to rehabilitate stray dogs in his 10-acre land near Kalpetta Warehouse, members of his fans charitable foundation staged a demonstration in front of the Collectorate seeking the help of the police to transport the canines to Kalpetta.

The foundation members stationed their vehicle carrying the captured stray dogs in front of the Collectorate and even put up a board urging the police to provide protection to them to take the canines to Boby Chemmanur’s old-age home in Kalpetta where special kennels have been arranged to lodge the captured dogs.

However, the foundation members said that the District Administration has refused to adopt or rehabilitate the dogs. They said a discussion in this regard will be held with Kozhikode Mayor and the canines will be exhibited at Mananchira ground.

Meanwhile, a contact number has been displayed on the vehicle for those interested to raise dogs. Those who are facing stray dog menace can also ring up this number, they said.