Bombay HC asks accused to do community service to quash FIR

Mumbai, Dec 1: As a condition to quash an FIR against four youngsters, the Bombay High Court asked them whether they were willing to do community service. The youths were held in an assault case.

The four allegedly attacked a man while he was returning from a shrine, this year. The accused moved the court saying that they had amicably resolved the dispute with the complainant.

However, a bench headed by Justice Vidyasagar Kanade said those seeking quashing of the FIR even by mutual consent must prove that they were really repentant and would not repeat such acts.

The judges said the petitioners should do some good work like cleaning a mosque or visit prisons to see for themselves the conditions in which inmates lived. This may act as a deterrent, the judges said. The high court bench has asked the accused to respond on December 7.