Boys are constantly talking to girls on the phone; Moradabad College bans use of mobile phones in premises

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Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh), July 14: A college in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad has issued a notice banning the use of mobile phones by students in the premises as they are getting “distracted.”

If a student gets caught using mobile in the college premises, then his/her mobile will be seized, says the order passed by the authorities of the Maharaja Harish Chandra PG College.

“The mobile phone has become a distraction in studies. The students are so involved in the social media and also, the boys are constantly talking to girls on the phone. Therefore, we have banned it to maintain discipline,” Principal, Dr. Vishesh Gupta told ANI.

The students, who came to the college for the new session, are also being instructed by the teachers on the restriction of the mobile phones.

During the month of May, the State education department has placed a ban on usage of mobile phones at various educational institutes in Himachal Pradesh.

The proposal to ban cell phones in educational institutes has been under the consideration of higher authorities for quite some time. During the recently concluded conference on “challenges in higher education” in Shimla, a senior official from the department had proposed the ban.

(With Agency inputs)