Boys not organized, panic at examinations: CBSE helpline

NewDelhi,Jan 5:Boys are jittery and tend to hit the panic button faster than the girls during examinations, finds the data compiled by the CBSE helpline open for students of classes X and XII. The boys have called three times more as compared to girl students. Students have called on the helpline seeking help for time management, syllabus and concentration.

While males, including fathers and students, are found to make approximately 3,418 calls in 2016, girls students along with their mothers and female relatives, have made just 900 calls. In 2015, only 972 calls were made by the females on the helpline in comparison to more than 3000 calls made by the males.

The data points out that despite all the heroics, the boys deflate during exams and are the most disorganised as compared to the girls.

According to a Senior Consultant Psychiatry Dr S Sudershan from BLK Super Speciality Hospital, boys are not organised and do not plan their studies in advance, thus reaching at a panic mode during the exams. Sudershan says, “The students generally call with queries during exam time because they are not being able to concentrate, or are not being able to manage the time. This is the reason they make calls at the helpline numbers. The girls, in this case, are more organised and have been preparing for exams well in advance.”

“Boys are relaxed at the start of the year, and do not study in advance. So as the exam near, they start stressing and flooding the helpline number with calls. Also there is always a pressure on the boys to perform better because of the mindset of the people and structure of our society,” said Dr Sudershan, adding, despite this discrimination girls have been outperforming the boys.

The helpline is operational in two phases from February to April and May to June. Students and parents can call from 8 am to 10 pm during this time seeking solution to their queries. The calls are segregated in two categories which are the administrative and calls which are referred to the counsellors

The helpline received more than 30,000 calls altogether in the two phases. However, all of these calls do not specify that if the students are under stress.

“Girls are more attentive and dedicated to their studies, unlike the boys. So the calls from boys are more. Also the Indian society is a patriarchal one in which the guardian of the house is the father and he calls the shot. So he decides whether the child is going to take Science, Arts or Commerce thus adding to the number of calls made by the males,” said Sumit Vohra, an education expert.

“Girl child is not given much leverage to choose the career. The parents are more worried about the boys because at the end of the day they want the future of their sons secured as compared to the girls,” he added.

Data accessed by DNA also suggests that students are the frequent callers with 27,000 plus calls from them, contrary to 2,200 calls by the parents. Data also finds that 14 per cent calls, which amounts to 4,300 total calls received are referred for counselling. CBSE board also gets calls from other boards.

“The maximum queries are about admit cards, curriculum and other administrative questions. These calls are called general queries. The second category of the questions is related to stress management and to deal with the exam pressure. These are referred to the counsellors,” said a CBSE official.N