Breaking barriers, female Imam lead devotees for Friday’s Jumu’ah in Kerala

Pic courtesy: NDTV

Malappuram, Jan 27: Malappuram was surprised to hear a female voice through the speakers giving the Jumu’ah prayers on Friday which was considered a highly male-dominated religious affair. For the first time in Kerala, a woman was allowed to give the crucial congregational Friday prayer through 34 year old Imam, Jamitha Teacher, including praying and preaching.

Quran Sunnat Society allowed Jamitha to take it forward and believes it is for the first time in the country also adding that they beelvie along with men even 2women have equal say in the religoius affairs.

Though happy and proud Jamitha is now, she says it never came easy to her. There was a time, few years back, when she was boycotted and given death threats in the state capital for her strong opinion questioning the existing norms in her religion.

“We started discussing this through deliberate discussions as well as Friday Jumu’ah’s for almost five-six months. People had different opinions. But we based our discussions solely on the Quran and brought everyone on board. It should not be about which faction teaches what, but about Quran teaches. And Quran nowhere stops women from leading Jumu’ah,” MS Rasheed, a senior leader of the Quran Sunnat Society, told NDTV.