Britain to fine car emission cheaters

Britain to fine car emission cheaters

London, February 02: Britain has made proposal to punish and fine car makers who evade the laws of vehicle emissions in the country on Thurday. Car makers that cheat vehicle emissions by employing software and other such malpractices could face criminal charges and unlimited fine in Britain if the government proposal is passed.

The British government had drawn flak for the way they dealt with the Volkswagen emissions scandal. The announcement is intended at rectifying the flaws in the system that favors such lethal practices and to curb air pollution in the country.

The proposals will be put forward in a government consultation; car makers and other auto industry parties will be given a chance to present their views and suggestions before the policy is passed.

The Volkswagen emissions cheating was brought to the light when United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a notice to the company under the Clean Air Act. In 2015, the German car maker admitted employing software to cheat diesel emission tests in the United States.

The inspections carried out in Britain revealed that 1.2 million cars in Britain were equipped with programmed turbocharged direct injection (TDI) diesel engines which records a lesser gas emission than the real emission.