British chef popularizes jhal muri in London

NEW DELHI,Oct5: When life gives you lemons, don’t make a lemonade. Make a cone of tangy jhal muri instead. This is what Angus Deenon, a London-based chef is doing at least. And the Britishers are loving it!

Angus has been preparing and selling the quintessential Kolkatan street food ‘jhal muri’ for a while now, much like the local sellers in Kolkata do. His British way of saying ‘jhal muri’ is a welcome change though, which makes it sound fancier, at least to Indian ears.

The food van, named ‘Everybody love love jhal muri’, sees people thronging for a spicy cone of this Indian street food every day in various parts of London.

It started as a small cart. Today, it is a beautiful food van which Angus travels with. And the van looks every bit Indian as well; with eye-popping vibrant colours, flowers, and what not. A mere look at it in London will remind you of home.

The authentic taste of the jhal muri is titillating the taste buds of UK and the response has been so overwhelming that now Angus has incorporated a few other Indian delights into his menu. Now, one can enjoy Phuchkas, Ghugni, Lassi, Bengali Chai and Channa Masala too.

The exquisite taste of the Indian snack is quickly taking over the London streets with people describing a cone of jhal muri as an ‘orchestra of deliciousness’.
“It just makes you happy,” one woman said while enjoying a spoonful of the delectable jhal muri.