British Crown jewels were hidden in biscuits during Second World War

British Crown jewels was hidden in biscuits during Second World War

London, January 13: The precious jewels that adorn the British crown were once stashed in biscuits to hide it from the Nazis during the Second World War. The interesting trivia is an excerpt from an upcoming BBC interview.

Following the orders King George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II, the guards concealed the precious stones in biscuits and buried them in a deep hole, below a secret exit of the Windsor Castle.

The Queen, along with her family, spent the war years at the Windsor castle for her safety. The whereabouts of the precious stone were not even divulged to the Queen. The details of the story was later revealed to her by the royal commentator Alastair Bruce.

Alastair Bruce is one of the presenters of the documentary, which will be screened on Sunday. The documentary also features an interview with the Queen and it is expected to make more revelations such like this.