British Prime Minister David Cameron Announces Resignation After Brexit

London, June 24: David Cameron has announced that he will step down as UK Prime Minister after Briton voters chose to leave the 28-nation European Union. Cameron said he will resign after three months, insisting that the British people’s will must be respected.

Cameron said there can be no doubt about the result of Thursday’s historic vote and added that he is not the “captain” that will steer the ship through difficult negotiations with the EU.

He says he will resign by the time of the Conservative party conference in the fall. Meanwhile, the Cabinet will meet on Monday and a timetable for him stepping down will be drawn up.

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson, the most prominent supporter of the “leave” campaign, is now seen as a leading contender to replace Cameron.

Cameron promised the referendum to appease the right wing of his own party and blunt a challenge from the UK. Independence Party, which pledged to leave the EU. After winning a majority in Parliament in the last election, Cameron negotiated a package of reforms that he said would protect Britain’s sovereignty and prevent EU migrants from moving to the UK to claim public benefits.