BSES gears up to meet Delhi’s summer power demand

New Delhi, Feb 23 (IANS) Peak power demand in Delhi this summer is expected to be around 6,500 MW-6,600 MW and the two BSES distribution companies (discoms) in the national capital are gearing up to ensure adequate electricity is available during this period, the company said on Thursday.

“Last summer, it was 6,261 MW, the highest ever-recorded in the national capital. Peak power demand in BRPL’s area of South and West Delhi, which had reached 2,669 MW during the summer of 2016, is expected to touch around 2,800 MW this year,” a BSES statement here said.

“In BYPL’s area of East and Central Delhi, the peak power demand had reached 1,493 MW last year. This year, it is expected to touch around 1,600 MW,” it added.

BSES said arrangements to source adequate power to meet the peak summer demand include long term power purchase agreements (PPAs) and banking arrangements with other states.

“BRPL will be getting around 200 MW of power through banking arrangements and BYPL around 170 MW. In case of unforeseen contingencies because of low generation and outages of power plants, the discoms will purchase short-term power from the exchange,” it said.

BSES discoms have invested substantial resources during the year to strengthen the network for taking the additional power load during summer months, the statement added.

Other measures by BSES discoms to ensure reliable power in summer include preventive maintenance, “thermo scanning of distribution transformers, load balancing at the sub stations” and deployment of additional manpower and mobile transformers, the company said.