Budget’s first causality | TDP threatens to snap ties with BJP

Hyderabad, Feb 2: The Union Budget seems to have got its first causality-Telugu Desam Party (TDP) -BJP alliance. Upset over the budget allocation for the state of Andhra Pradesh, BJP’s biggest ally in the South has called an emergency meeting to discuss the future course.

Party leaders said that one option that the TDP is giving a serious consideration is to snap the ties with BJP.

Chandrababu Naidu openly conveyed his displeasure in a cabinet meeting held today at Amaravati. He called an emergency meeting of party leaders on Sunday.

TDP MP TG Venkatesh told media in Delhi that one option before the party is to sever ties with the BJP.

“We are going to declare war. We have three options – one is to try and continue, two is our MPs resign and the third is to end the alliance,” he  said adding that a decision about it will be taken in the meeting on Sunday.

Though TDP and BJP contested the 2014 elections as an alliance the relations between the two started to sour after bifurcation of the state in 2014. TDP accuse the  BJP government at the centre of not giving adequate funds to the state particularly for creation  of its new capital, Amaravati. The lack of funds did had irked Chandrababu Naidu who was keen to make it a IT hub and attract huge investments to the state.

Adding to it, now TDP alleges that the centre ignored the demands of the state and the budget allocation for the state was negligent.

TDP is the second major alliance partner of BJP, which is on a war path. Earlier, Shiv Sena had threaten a break-up and have recently came out on many occasions criticising BJP directly.