Buffalo in Budha Khera district of Karnal takes scotch,fruits almost daily


Kaithal (Haryana),May5:A buffalo in the Budha Khera district of Karnal takes Malida made of country ghee and milk in its breakfast, eats apple for lunch specially brought from Himachal, takes scotch – well that the daily intake, but it also maintains ‘dry day’ on Tuesdays. No wonder, it weighs around 1,700 kilograms.

Meet Sultan who is 7 years, 10 months of age. Naresh Beniwal, who owns Sultan, has many buffaloes of Murrah breed but this sultan is the tallest and largest of that breed. He bought this buffalo five years ago for Rs. 2,40,000.

According to Naresh, during the winter season Sultan drinks scotch after having food. Till now the buffalo has already tasted some of the costly alcohols from all over the world.

To relieve fatigue and and avoid winter Sultan is made to drink whisky, but his favourites are the ones from foreign brands. Sultan’s food mainly includes gram bran, mustard seeds, grains and fruits. In its fruit diet Sultan likes to have apples which is specially brought from Himachal.

So much so Sultan’s sperm is highly valuable. It produces 30,000 semen doses a year and the cost of one dose is around Rs 300. So, if one calculates the total value of its semen will come down to approx Rs 1 crore annually. Sultan’s semen is taken three times a year.

Sultan has also been the winner of National Animal Beauty contest held in Jhajjar, Karnal and Hisar. Many people have also approached Naresh to buy Sultan, but the owner has turned everyone down by saying that “Sultan is their son and a son can’t be sold”.

Naresh and his brother take care of Sultan by making it bath three times a day, followed by oiling. Shaving its hairs and then taking it for a walk in the evening. Sultan is taken care of like a prince. It has also done ramp walk in the Surajkund mela.

In Rajasthan’s Pushkar mela a person was ready to buy it for Rs 21 crore, but Naresh denied to sell it. The family gets around 1.25 crore per year by selling Sultan’s sperm.