Bullet Train: A worthless toy, comments Jawed Usmani Chief Information Commissioner of UP

Bullet Train: A worthless toy, comments Jawed Usmani Chief Information Commissioner of UP

September 18: Bullet train is a worthless toy for people, comments Jawed Usmani, a senior officer, on his Facebook page. Many people including the top officials have shared this post.

Detailed analysis has been prepared against this project costing billions and there is an overwhelming amount of confusion across the country. Usmani, who has served as the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh and who had been serving in the senior post in PM’s office during the previous government, was part of the initial discussions between India and China, says media reports.

Here goes Javed Usmani’s Facebook post:

“The Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project is a very expensive toy, a complete misallocation of scarce resources, representing absolutely wrong prioritization of objectives,” comments Usmani.

He also added “Japan has been pursuing the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project for a long time as it gives them an opportunity to market their over-priced technology and utilise their idle high speed train manufacturing capacity.”

Usmani asserted, “arguments in favour of the bullet train project were not based on genuine infrastructural needs of the Indian Railways but were driven by the fact that easy money was being provided by Japan for taking up this project.”

“Due to an appropriate decision taken by the PMO in the year 2005, India avoided being tricked into buying an over-priced bullet train toy,” said Usmani. “Instead, Japan signed on the dotted line to provide assistance for development of railway and industrial infrastructure in accordance with India’s needs and priorities,” he added.

He said, “unfortunately, this time we have fallen into the age old development assistance trap.” Concluding the post, he commented, “the Indian railway has many more infrastructural needs of much higher priority, and Rs. 98000 crores should not be spent in trying to shift some passengers from Mumbai-Ahmedabad flights to the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train.”