Burqa ban in Delhi Metro, CISF says women will be asked to show face

The post also read that “it would be compulsory for any woman wearing a burqa or a hijab to reveal her identity at the security check post”.

The message also questioned the commuters if they supported the ban.

The social media post, which made a lot of buzz, was later clarified by a senior CISF (Central Industrial security force official) officer; saying that no such ban has been imposed and “no woman will be harassed to reveal her identity” and shall only be asked to show her face.

Officer added that incidents have happened where men disguised as women in burqa have entered the metro station in the past, which is a major security concern. He also said that, “thousands of women in Burqa travel in Delhi metro everyday without facing any problem”.

He added that the revealing the face is done only for security purposes.