Businesses seized from convicted Italian mafia suspect

Bitonto (Italy), Feb 24 (IANS/AKI) Police on Friday impounded pizzerias, restaurants and other property in Italy’s southern Puglia region belonging to convicted mafia member Emanuele Sicolo.

Also seized from 46-year-old Sicolo were businesses in the service sector, apartments, cars and financial assets, police said.

The operation came after an investigation by tax police that uncovered glaring discrepancies between the low earnings declared by Sicolo and the investments he made over the past 10 years, investigators said.

Sicolo was arrested in 2016 during an operation that targeted a mafia extortion racket based in Puglia’s regional capital, Bari, headed by longtime local crime boss Savinuccio Parisi.

The extortion racket targeted business in Bari and outlying areas.

Sicolo has been found guilty of a range of crimes including mafia association, murder, drugs trafficking, possessing illegal arms, theft and robbery.