Calcutta High Court gives clearance to Babul Supriyo’s ‘Sansad Mela’

Kolkata, Jan 12 (IANS) The Calcutta High Court on Thursday ordered the Asansol municipal Corporation to give clearance to the Union Minister Babul Supriyo’s ‘Sansad Mela’ to be held in the divisional railway stadium (Loco ground) in Burdwan district’s Asansol from January 12.

A division bench has asked the local administration to hold the fair on the scheduled date and deploy adequate number of police personnel in and around the ground to mentain law and order.

The proposed Sansad Mela is an initiative taken by Supriyo, who is the local MP, for issuing Adhaar card, passport and other administrative documents for the common people.

A musical evening with several famous singers from Mumbai was also organised by Supriyo to inaugurate the fair.

Terming the High Court’s verdict as “a victory of good over evil”, Supriyo said the verdict shows law and order still prevails in the nation.

“I am thankful to the High Court for this verdict. Thousands of people will be benefited during the fair in the next three days,” he said.

“I personally requested the local mayor to put aside politics and allow the fair to be held. But still he did not agree. This verdict is a victory of good over evil. It shows law and order is still there in our nation,” he added.

The spat over the three day fair started when Asansol Mayor Jitendra Tiwari denied permission for holding the event stating that there are issues with inadequate drainage system, environmental clearance and lack of space at the Mela ground. The unavailability of adequate police personnel at the time was also highlighted.

Supriyo accused the mayor of succumbing to “political reasons” and creating roadblocks in the way of an event that would help the common people.

“The Mayor trying to stop the MP of the same same city from doing an event that can help thousands of beneficiaries just for political reasons,” the BJP leader tweeted.