California family were forced off a Delta plane as they refused to offer their son’s seat on a crowded flight

California family were forced off a Delta plane as they refused to offer their son’s seat on a crowded flight

Hawaii, May5:A California family had complained that they were forced off a Delta aircraft.

Thereafter, they had been threatened with jail after they had refused to offer their son’s seat on a crowded flight. A video of this incident had been posted on social media on Wednesday and this comes after a series of recent, similar incidents including the one wherein a passenger was dragged off a plane of United Airlines.

Brittany and Brian Schear of Huntington Beach told the media that they were returning from Hawaii with their two toddlers when they were asked to get off the plane.

Schear tried to explain that he wished to place one of his toddlers inside a seat that had been originally bought for his 18-year-old son. He went on to add that the older child had actually returned home on a previous flight.

Generally, the Delta policy prohibits passengers from utilizing a ticker that was purchased in another person’s name.

But, the federal regulations never bar such a practice as long as the new passenger’s name can be run through a database, as per an account of a spokesperson of the Transport Security Administration. The video shows that a person off the camera had been asking Schear to get off the plane, adding that he and his wife are likely to be in jail for not ‘abiding’ by the orders of an airline crew.

To this statement, Schear protested that he has bought that seat and therefore it rightfully belongs to him.

Schear then suggested that his wife was not able to hold the toddler during take off and then put the youngster in the car seat. Another person who seems to be a Delta supervisor told him that according to the federal rules, children under two must stay in the lap of a parent throughout the night.

But then, that is not appropriate.

The Federal Aviation Administration strongly urged that infants must be placed in a parent’s lap, especially the ones aged under two.

In a statement, Delta asserted that it would like to apologize for the inconvenience faced by the family and their teams have reached out. And, they are ready to talk to the family to better comprehend what had actually happened and came to a resolution. The Atlanta-based airline, however, did not immediately explain as to why the family had been removed from the flight.