California polling station on lockdown after shots nearby

Los Angeles, Nov 9 (IANS) A polling location in California, is currently on lockdown after a shooting happened nearby which injured at least two persons, authorities said.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening outside the Memorial Park North Recreation Centre in Azusa which is located roughly 30 miles outside Los Angeles.

One male voter told CNN he was inside when he heard a bunch of shots ring out and people from outside starting to run in before officials locked the doors.

He said a “massive shooting is happening and the police have told us to stay indoors. We are currently on locked down.”

A female voter said she heard the shots ring out.

“At first, I thought it was construction but people came running into the room saying they see a guy with a bullet-proof vest and a white shirt. As of right now, they just have us in the voting room and are trying to keep us calm.”

The female voter said officials were not allowing anyone to leave the building but people are still allowed to vote while they wait. She said officials are not announcing updates inside in order to not scare the kids.

Pictures sent to CNN from inside the polling station showed many people inside, including a group of children who were in the building when the shots rang out.

The female voter said she estimated that about 30 people remain inside the locked down polling location. Additionally, about 15-20 children were evacuated from a gym inside the recreation centre where the voting station was located.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department is assisting the Azusa Police Department with the officer-involved shooting, Sgt. Vincent Plair told CNN.