Call centre scam: Sagar Thakkar alias ‘Shaggy’ arrested by Thane Police

Sagar Thakkar alias 'Shaggy' arrested by Thane Police over call centre scam. Photo: twitter.
Sagar Thakkar alias 'Shaggy' arrested by Thane Police over call centre scam. Photo: twitter.
Mumbai/Maharashtra, April 8: Sagar Thakkar alias ‘Shaggy’, the so-called mastermind of the Internal Revenue Service call centre scam has been arrested by thane police. In this scam, thousands of Americans were defrauded to the tune of $300 million (Rs 1,928 crore).
According to Thane Police officials, Sagar Thakkar alias ‘Shaggy’, was on the run since the unearthing of the scam last year. He was placed under arrest late last night after he arrived at the Mumbai airport after he was deported from Dubai.

The trick, which worked since 2013 through at any rate about six call focuses in Thane, directed no less than 15,000 US-based citizens, who were supposedly conned by Indian Tele-guests.

The US Justice Department has charged 61 individuals and elements connected to the trick where call focus specialists mimicked IRS, movement and other government authorities and requested installments for non-existent obligations.

As indicated by police, they had issued an LOC (Look Out Circular) against Sagar on October 7, two days after his escape. The boss was suspected to have fled to Dubai.

Specialists say Sagar (24) drove an extravagant way of life and was joined by around twelve bouncers. He was a customary at rich late night parties in Mumbai and was additionally enamoured with the top of the line autos.

He started working at 16 years old with his “tutor” Jagdish Kanani, who had worked in the call focuses abroad.

Kanani (33), who was captured from rural Borivali last October had prepared him, they said.

Additionally, Thane police had grabbed an Audi auto having a place with Sagar, esteemed at Rs 2.5 crore, from Ahmedabad in October a year ago. It was supposedly acquired from the main cricketer in May.