Call centre scammer Shaggy’s Audi R8 belongs to Virat Kohli?  

New Delhi, October 31: The seized Audi R8 vehicle is found to be purchased from the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Further investigation proved that now it belongs to the Sagar Thakkar alias ‘Shaggy’, the call centre scammer from Koalkta.

Thakkar had purchased the 3 crore Audi R-8 vehicle from India Test captain in May this year for Rs. 60 lakh. He made the purchase through a broker.

Thakkar, who is on the run to escape from police, gifted the car to his girlfriend.

“We have seized the Audi R8 vehicle, worth Rs 3 crore, that Thakkar had purchased from the proceeds of his ill gotten wealth. On enquiries, we found that he had purchased the vehicle from cricketer Virat Kohli”, said DCP Parag Manere, as reported by the Indian Express.

The scam, which operated since 2013, was busted on October 5 when Thane police raided 12 call centres in the Mira Road-Bhayander area.

Shaggy and his call centers have allegedly cheated a huge number of US-based taxpayers. They were were allegedly conned by Indian tele-callers posing as American tax and immigration officials. The million dollar cheating came to light when police raided a clutch of call centres at Mira Road in Thane. Subsequently, police teams raided and shut down five call centers in Ahmedabad which were a part of the racket.

In another instance, calls were made to people in the US for loan approval in which repayment was in installments. In this, thousands of dollars worth of loan amount was deposited in the account of the victim to lure them without any documentation.

If the victim evinced interest to get the loan, the call centre executive would then ask an upfront EMI to release the money, the police official said. Soon after the “victim: deposited the ‘EMI’ amount in the given account, the ‘loan’ amount which was flashed in his account was also withdrawn by the scammers immediately.

“Kohli obviously did not know about Shaggy’s background and is not linked to the case in any way,” Manare added.

The police seized the vehicle from Ahmedabad.

The car is still in the name of Virat Kohli as Thakkar did not take initiative to get the ownership changed to his name.