Cameroon train derailment: Toll rises to 63

Yaounde, Oct 23 (IANS) The toll in the train derailment in Cameroon has risen to 63, the media reported on Saturday.

Eight more bodies were discovered from the accident site, a day after the accident in Eseka station, which happened on Friday in Eseka, about 120 km from Yaounde, Xinhua news agency reported.

State-run radio CRTV had earlier reported that 55 peopled were killed and 575 were injured.

The derailed train left Yaounde on Friday for Douala.

The number of passengers on board doubled than usual, for the road from Yaounde-Douala was disconnected as a bridge collapsed over it after heavy rain.

Many passengers who planned to take the bus had to choose train, which forced the railway authorities to add more cars to the train.

According to reports, the train consisted of 20 cars, of which 11 overturned in Eseka.

The bodies of the deceased were taken to Eseka hospital while the injured ones were hospitalized in nearby hospitals and health centres.

The rescuers are working on the site with the hope of finding more bodies. The authorities said that the toll could rise further.

It is reported the authorities installed a temporary bridge to replace the collapsed one within a night.

The traffic is restored on Yaounde-Douala road, which is one of the most important roads for trade within Central Africa Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC).