Can any of the credible sources tell us about Jayalalithaa?

Chennai, Oct 7: Though the first Bench of Madras High Court dubbed a PIL as Publicity Interest Litigation, a larger section, even from the neighbouring states, were eagerly waiting for some news on ‘Puratchi Thalaivi’- Jayalalithaa, from credible source.

The Madras High Court, on Thursday, dismissed a petition filed by Traffic Ramaswamy seeking clear information and photographic proof on Tamil Nadu Chef Minister J Jayalalithaa’s health  condition.

The court also warned the petitioner ‘Traffic’ K.R. Ramaswamy not to use the judicial forum for political purposes.

There has been uncertainty looming around in Tamil Nadu and even in the neighbouring states of Kerala and Karnataka about the actual health condition of Jayalalithaa. Though, as HC aptly pointed that Appollo Hospital is  issuing health bulletins, this cannot be considered as a credible source.

According to Ramaswamy, public has elected her and the same public has right to know about the status of their CM. “She is basically a public servant and I stick to my stand even after the dismissal of the petition. We want to know who is running the government in her absence? Who is doing the Chief Minister’s work?” asks the octogenarian petitioner.

The petition was dismissed by a bench comprising Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice R Mahadevan on Thursday. “I am surprised to see a Chief Justice saying that it is for publicity. Earlier, the judge, during the last hearing, the justice had said that the state government needs to inform the public about the CM’s health,” pointed Ramaswamy.

Ramaswamy says that he will be filing a petition in the Supreme Court asking for the information denied him by the HC.

In the absence of clear information, he said, rumours and speculations were doing the rounds on social media. “People keep asking me about the Chief Minister’s health and I also keep getting messages on WhatsApp. If the government informs the public about the Chief Minister’s health, these rumours will definitely reduce,” he said.

He also demanded once again urge that the state government publish images of the Chief Minister for the information of the public.

Traffic Ramaswamy filed a PIL seeking the “real” status of the CM’s health on Monday.

On Tuesday, when the matter was not listed for the day, Ramaswamy had approached the High Court and urged it to take up the matter immediately as it was of utmost importance.

The Division Bench of Justice MM Sundresh and R Mahadevan had asked the government pleader to get back on the details regarding her health after consulting the government. The bench had also added, “Though the hospital authorities have issued some statements, the government is duty bound to provide the status of her health.”

Ramaswamy’s PIL had also asked the court to direct the Principal Secretary to the Governor to appoint an interim Chief Minister.

Traffic Ramaswamy

When fish carts modified with mechanised engines fit on it plied recklessly on the streets of Tail Nadu, a frail man stepped forward to take up the issue.

Traffic Ramaswamy is a former weaving master in the now defunct Binny Mills. He started filing PILs with submitting a petition at HC on how an illegally modified motor vehicle is allowed to ply on roads.

Ramaswamy has filed around 500 PILs and few  of them were controversial leading to even death threat. Though he does not have a legal background and encounters problems in communicating in English, Ramaswamy appears as party in person to argue his cases.

Judges and many lawyers at the Madras High Court recognise him as he was the one who obtained a stay against constructing a flyover on the NSC Bose Road near the court in 1998. He was also instrumental in getting a one-way traffic system reversed on the same road.