Cannabis legalization march to be held on January 21st; check out your city meet up location here

As part of the great legalization movement, organisers are conducting meet up in main cities countrywide. It will be happening on January 21st. On the 17th December 2017, the first ever march/rally for the legalisation of Cannabis took place all over India where Mantra took part and got a chance to talk to like-minded people who believe in the same purpose, featuring the founder of The Great Legalisation Movement, Viki Vaurora and many more.

People behind this movement wrote an open letter to Indian PM Narendra Modi and to all the Members of the Parliament. This letter states that,

A Global Wave of Legalising Cannabis has reached India since a few years now.

It is high time that we break all these taboos and decide on what needs to be done about this.

Now that it’s in the limelight everywhere, from international science forums to national media and most importantly a bill waiting to be discussed in the parliament, our nationwide community requests you all to look into the matters discussed in the letter, at the earliest.

We hope that our government really understands the concern and worries of millions of people and exercise everything under your powers to make India, a safer and a greener country to live in..

Main objectives of the cannabis legalization movement are stated below!

1.Let people have the freedom to grow Cannabis

2. People should have the rights to use the plant.

3. Medicinally, spiritually or for their stress relief.

4. Allow medical research and hemp industries to flourish across the nation.

5. Release all the people arrested for Cannabis trade in the past 31 years of prohibition in India.

As part of the march, organizers set up a podcast session called ‘chai chillum charcha’ and that asks people to take a ‘JOINT EFFORT’ for the ‘LOVE OF GANJA’.

You can participate in the session here

Campaigners say that they want to convey the importance of the medical use of marijuana and to expose the corruption behind ‘cannabis prohibition’.

Check out the meetup locations!