Can’t expect truthful stand: Sanal on Kerala incident

Kochi, Feb 20 (IANS) Filmmaker Sanal Kumar Sasidharan says as long as the industry celebrates heroism, a truthful stand cannot be expected in support of the popular Malayalam actress who was kidnapped and allegedly assaulted.

On February 17, the actress was kidnapped and allegedly assaulted while on her way from Thrissur to here. Her driver, suspected of involvement in the incident, has already been taken into custody.

On Sunday, actors from Malayalam industry united, staged protests and extended their support to the actress.

“99 percent of our movies are celebration of heroism. All our love stories, family dramas and even campus stories uphold the flagship of patriarchy. Most of them carry anti-women ideology in them. It is nonsense to expect a truthful stand in support of the actress from the film Industry,” Sanal posted on Facebook page on Sunday night.

“Can these heroes stay away from the hero worshiping movies from now onwards,” he asked.

A Kerala state award-winning director, Sanal is known for helming path-breaking films such as “An Off-Day Game” and “Sexy Durga”.