‘Can’t soil our vehicle with blood’, police officers let bleeding teenagers to die

'Can't soil our vehicle with blood', police officers let bleeding teenagers to die; suspends

Uttar Pradesh, Jan 20: In a shocking incident that exposed lack of humanity among few police officers, three police personnel have been suspended who allegedly refused to carry two youth injured in an accident on Thursday to the hospital stating that the blood would stain their vehicles.

A video has gone viral on the social media in which two teenagers can be seen lying on the road bleeding while three police officers can be seen doing nothing. Their main concern was that the “blood of the seriously wounded boys would soil their vehicle”.

17-year-olds Arpit Khurana and Sunny were returning to their houses when their motorcycle hit an electricity pole in Beri Bagh after which they fell into a deep drain.

The teens were rescued by the neighbours who pulled them out with serious head injuries. When the people informed 100 UP police, the police arrived at the accident scene but did nothing. Even after repeated requests from an acquaintance of one of the two teenagers, the policemen stood firm with their decision to not take them in.

While someone retorted to the police saying the car can be washed, the officers promptly replied, “If the car gets washed, then where will we sit all night”.

While the police refused on repeated requests, the residents took the teenagers to a hospital in an auto-rickshaw but they succumbed to their injuries.

After the incident, the police department suspended the three cops on Friday.