Car driver travels 2km with woman’s body on windshield in Telangana after accident

Car driver travels 2km with woman's body on windshield in Telangana after accident

HYDERABAD,Dec19:  After hitting a couple on a road in Telangana on Sunday, a man kept driving for around two km with the body of the woman on the windshield.

The woman, who was riding with her husband on a two-wheeler in the state’s Mahbubnagar district, was killed instantly and flung over the car. Her husband is critically injured, say the police.

After driving a distance with the body on his car, the driver abandoned it and ran away into the dead of night. He is still missing.

In an uncannily similar accident in the same district in September, a speeding car hit a man on the highway and kept going for around 3 km with the body on its roof.

The man was trying to cross the road and was hit so hard by the Chevrolet car that he was thrown onto its roof. Instead of stopping, the driver accelerated and kept speeding until the red car was spotted by bikers who called the police.