Car explosions in Iraq kill 25

Baghdad, Dec 22 (IANS) At least 25 persons were killed on Thursday in the Iraqi city of Mosul after three suicide car bombs were detonated at a market place, a security source said.

The bombings, that left dozens wounded, occurred when the cars blew up amid a crowd of civilians at a market place and positions of security sources at Gogjali district of Mosul, Xinhua quoted sources as saying.

Security forces blockaded the district and carried out a search operation looking for more car bombs believed to be in the area, a source said.

The attacks came as the security forces were carrying out operations to clear the recently-freed districts from the Islamic State terror group in the eastern side of Mosul.

After nearly seven weeks of battle against the IS inside Mosul, the elite Counter-Terrorism Service retook control of 40 districts, while the army’s 9th armoured Division and the 1st Division recaptured six more neighbourhoods in the city.