Carey blames former Scientology boss for Packer split

Los Angeles, Oct 31 (IANS) Singer Mariah Carey is reportedly blaming her failed relationship with businessman James Packer on a former Scientology boss.

According to sources, Packer had been acting differently with Carey since he came to know Tommy Davis, who was the chief spokesperson of the church and once worked closely with Tom Cruise.

Carey believes that Davis “poisoned the relationship” by complaining about the pricey gifts Packer bought for his former fiancee, reports

Other sources claim that Davis was brought in partially to help curb wasteful spending and that is why he didn’t get along well with Carey’s manager Stella who oversaw her spending.

Previously, it was reported that Carey and Packer broke up after an incident during which he allegedly did “something really bad” to her assistant aboard a yacht in Greece. Carey then chose to bail on the vacation and return to Los Angeles.

Carey is now asking Packer to pay her $50 million for disrupting her life. She claims that he “uprooted her entire life” when he made her move from New York to Los Angeles.

The duo is now working on the settlement, which may include a new mansion for Carey, reported.

Carey has reportedly been asked to leave the Beverly Hills home she shared with Packer, but she refuses to do so unless Packer buys her a new home in Los Angeles. Carey is said to have a multi-million dollar home in New York.