Carrying placards and raising slogans, natives of Kashmir’s Kargil District protests over Pakistan’s ‘anti-Shia’ policies

Kargil, November 4: The Shia Muslims in the Kargil District of Jammu and Kashmir had staged protest against the atrocities on the Shia community in Pakistan, on Thursday.

The protestors showed solidarity to Shaikh Mohsin Ali Najafi, a Shia cleric who has been tagged as a ‘terrorist’ by the Pakistan government. They have carried placards and were raising slogans. The protestors belonged to Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust.

General Secretary of the trust Mohammad Hussain told media that, while real terrorists were roaming free, it’s very disturbing that the renowned cleric Shaikh Mohsin Ali Najafi from Gilgit, Baltistan, had been placed in a terrorist list.

Speaking to the gathering MLA Kargil Asgar Karbalai said the Nawaz Sharif government was engulfed in corruption and “now they are trying to protect terrorists and pleasing Saudi dynasty”.

He said, “We are against oppression and always stand with the oppressed people, whether in Gilgit Baltistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Quetta Baluchistan or in Kashmir.”

“Shaikh Mohsin Ali Najafi is an academic person and not a political person and the Pakistan Government is trying to limit his social activities,” he said.

Chairman of the Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Sheikh Hussain Lufti said the people should always rise against the atrocities. (ANI)