Caste atrocities getting smashed to bits by powerful Vadayambady protest

Kerala: The Vadayambady protest began as an act by the Dalits to oppose the encroachment of a once common community space. Now the protest has evolved into a powerful fight against caste atrocities.  Series of events happening at the protest area getting massive support from people around. Social media communities and activists are gathering at the newly built caste wall. And the protestors have announced a convention on Feb 4 at Vadayambady.

On Wednesday police arrested VK Joy, an activist of the Janakeeya Manushyavakasha Prasthanam who has been doing support rally for the protestors. Joy was charged with non-bailable sections under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. Reshma Joy, daughter of Joy reportedly said that arrest of VK joy is a ploy by police to divide the protestors. According to the reports, VK Joy has started a hunger strike in jail after the arrest.

After the arrest of Joy, Police making strict rules there at the caste wall area and not letting outsiders into Vadaymabady. Women activists of Dalit Bhoo Avakasha Samara Munnani, set up a new tent near to Vadayambady-Vadavucode branch of Kerala Pulaya Maha Sabha after the police demolished the old one.

KPMS Secretary Sasidharan and journalists Ananthu Rajagopal-Asha and Abhilash Padacherry who had earlier been arrested by the police were granted bail on Wednesday. They were arrested while they were reporting the caste wall issue and police arrested them by claiming Maoist links and obstruction to their duty. According to reports, after the release, both journalists are not permitted to go to Vadayambady.