Caste Monster in U.P Classrooms?

Hathras (UP), May 18: No matter how hard we might try, looks like, the evil of caste system will keep rearing its ugly head in one part of the country or the other.

The latest case in point is an intermediate college in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras district where the principal of the institution created a classic example – separating pupils of Class IX on basis of their castes. As if this was not enough, he allotted each caste group a separate classroom.
That was not the end of it, however. The principal of the aforementioned Inter College who goes by the name of Radhey Shyam Varshney went on to appoint new teachers along caste lines.

For instance, he appointed a Dalit for Scheduled Caste students, A general category teacher to teach upper caste students and finally a backward caste teacher to teach OBC students.
The new system was enforced from 1 April this year with the new academic session. This odious practice came to light when some of the students complained of discrimination in seating arrangements in classrooms.
Based on these complaints the Hathras district magistrate AK Singh ordered an inquiry by the district inspector of schools. Singh disclosed, “Prima facie the complaint was found to be true and the principal has been suspended.”

A preliminary inquiry revealed that Section A of Class IX had more of general category students. Section B had more OBC students while the bulk of the students in Section C hailed from the SC category.
Further action against Varshney will be taken after the inquiry is over, Singh added.

Meanwhile the three teachers appointed on the basis of caste have been dismissed, pending the completion of inquiry. In addition the authorities have asked the college administration to discontinue these practices with immediate effect.
For long the malaise of caste system has been rampant in the country’s two most backward states U.P and neighbouring Bihar. Nonetheless incidents like this come as a shocker for everyone. It is indeed ironic that though India is fast emerging as an economic super power such medieval practices cannot be stamped out of its soil.

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