CCTV footage of two jewelers were shot dead by armed robbers in Mathura,UP gets CM attention

CCTV footage of two jewelers were shot dead by armed robbers in Mathura,UP gets CM attention

LUCKNOW,May17: Two jewelers were shot dead as armed robbers barged into a shop in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura last evening. The incident, caught on CCTV, has seized the attention of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who has ordered the state police chief to visit the holy town and investigate why there have been no arrests so far.

Yogi Adityanath also expressed anger inside the UP assembly, according to state minister Shrikant Sharma, who is a lawmaker from Mathura.

“I want to assure the house that the rule of law will prevail in Uttar Pradesh. There will be absolutely no protection for criminals in the state,” said the saffron-robed Chief Minister, whose party BJP stressed on a crime-free UP during their poll campaign.

It was ironic that the robbery took place on a day opposition lawmakers in the assembly used a very unruly way of protesting against what they called lawlessness in the state – by throwing posters and paper missiles at Governor Ram Naik, shouting slogans and standing on their seats.

In the CCTV footage released by the police, a man with his face covered slides a door open and points a gun at the men inside the jewellery shop. More robbers follow, their face masked by helmets, and there is a fight as the staff in the shop try to push them back.

Three men collapse and lie in a pile as the robbers step over them to enter the shop.
It was revealed later that two of them had been killed. Two others suffered bullet wounds and are in hospital, said senior police officer Vinod Kumar Mishra.

The police say six armed men came on bikes for the robbery and escaped with money and gold worth Rs. 4 crore.

The borders of the district have been sealed as the police hunt for the robbers.

The new government has been attacked by the opposition, which alleges that it has failed to check rising crime.

Last week in the Chief Minister’s hometown Gorakhpur, a 45-year-old trader was stopped on his way home by bikers who shot him dead and fled with around Rs. 8 lakh in cash.