Celebrate 'The Art of Living' on this International Yoga Day

New Delhi [India], June 20 (ANI): To help and heal your body from everyday's routine and stress in a fast city like New Delhi, you must visit a spacious garden in Noida that can rejuvenate your body on the International Yoga Day on June 21.
Gardens Galleria Mall brings to you the perfect opportunity to unwind and get in touch with your inner soul, as it is all set to host the third International Yoga Day.
Speaking on the occasion, Arun Manikonda, Head of Gardens Galleria Mall, said, "The lifestyle that we have adapted is very fast. With everyday stress, our body doesn't get enough time to heal. We are elated to celebrate the International Yoga day, at Gardens Galleria, where we allow people to engage in the peaceful environment, through meditation and healing sessions in the company of experts."
This platform will bring along people from all phases, to connect with their inner self and rejuvenate themselves with healing exercises and asanas.
The session is organised in association with The Art of Living. (ANI)