Celebrations break out in Aleppo as Syrian Army almost dislodges rebels from city

Damascus, Dec 13 (IANS) Celebratory gunshots reverberated across the northern city of Aleppo on Monday evening, and people took to the streets celebrating, as the Syrian Army has almost dislodged the rebels from the eastern part of the city, witnesses in Aleppo told Xinhua.

Gunshots with bullets that leave red tails echoed in Aleppo following the news that the rebels have almost lost their ground in the eastern part of the city.

“God, Syria and only Bashar”, “With soul and blood we sacrifice for Syria”, and “God protects the army”, these were some slogans shouted by the people there, in support for the army.

Local TVs said the celebrations are for the “victory of Aleppo”.

Earlier in the day, the Syrian Army captured the strategic neighbourhood of Sheikh Saeed, and other neighbourhoods in southeastern Aleppo, with local reports saying the army is in control of 99 per cent of Aleppo.

Later in the evening, state news agency SANA said the army captured Bustan al-Qaser, one of two remaining strongholds for the rebels.

Activists also said the rebels have withdrawn from the neighbourhood of Kalasseh, the last major neighbourhood in southeastern Aleppo.

An official source in Aleppo told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that the remaining rebels have gathered in the neighbourhood of Salahuddien, demanding their evacuation.

The military media arm said the rebels in the few remaining areas in eastern Aleppo are in a state of confusion, and large numbers of them are turning themselves to the Syrian Army, while the rest are fleeing through tunnels out of the city.

It’s expected that the Syrian military will issue a statement soon, declaring the absolute victory in Aleppo.