Celebs bid good-bye to President Barack Obama

Washington D.C.[USA], Jan. 11 (ANI): United States President Barack Obama bid farewell to his nation today in an emotional address enriched with wisdom and optimism.
"Tonight, it's my turn to say thanks," began Obama, promising "the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected president to the next."
"To all who serve, it has been the honor of my lifetime to be your commander in chief," he told the crowd. "Yes we can, yes we did."
Celebs-both national and international- took to their social media to thank the POTUS for the 'incredible legacy'.
-Priyanka Chopra
What an incredible legacy.. #FarewellAdress #Obamas
-Ellen DeGeneres
@POTUS @BarackObama I love you more than I have space on Twitter to describe. #ObamaFarewell
-Sophia Bush
Oh Mr. President… it has been my honor to work in this administration. Thank you … #ObamaFarewell #MyPresident
-Gina Rodriguez
Yes we can. Yes we did. @POTUS
-Kerry Washington
YES WE CAN #obamafarewell
-Shonda Rhimes
Here to show our love for our Potus. #obamafarewell
-Sharon Stone
From here with the Young Senator from Chicago to tonight. #obamafarewell. We will miss you.
-Michael Kelly
It breaks my heart to say goodbye to you good Sir.
Thank You!#obamafarewell #yeswedid @POTUS
-Michael Moore
Young people you will soon outnumber all of us and that can only be a good thing… #ObamaFarewell (ANI)