Centre cautions Tamil Nadu against floods after cyclone

New Delhi, Dec 12 (IANS) The Union Ministry of Water Resources on Monday advised the Tamil Nadu government to maintain strict vigil at lakes in the districts expecting heavy rainfall from cyclonic storm ‘Vardah’.

In an advisory to the state government, the ministry said: “In view of the expected heavy to very heavy rainfall… in the districts of Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur, along with very severe cyclonic storm ‘Vardah’… good inflows are likely into the reservoirs of Poondi, Chembarampakkam and other lakes around the Chennai city.”

“As the lakes are not full, the inflows shall increase the levels in the reservoirs considerably. The state government has been advised to maintain strict vigil at all the lakes in case of exceptionally heavy rainfall,” the advisory added.

Last year, Chennai faced severe floods due to heavy rains, and the overflow from dams and reservoirs are said to have played a significant role in it.

A part of cyclone Vardah hit the Tamil Nadu coast on Monday afternoon, with winds touching 90 kmph. The cyclone hit the coast about 10 km north of Chennai.