Chanakya-3 ornamental fish predicts Trump’s triumph

Chennai, Nov 8 (IANS) An ornamental fish named Chanakya-3 on Tuesday predicted the triumph of Republican candidate Donald Trump in the US presidential elections, said an official of Indian Community Welfare Organisation (ICWO).

“We pasted the pictures of the two contestants — Trump and Hillary Clinton — in two small plastic wheels and floated them inside the fish tank in which Chanakya was swimming,” ICWO Deputy Director Devika Thilak told IANS.

She said the fish had hit Trump’s wheel several times which means the fish predicts his win in the polls against the Democratic candidate Clinton.

“We organised the event so as to spread the social message of eradication of mosquitoes and malaria,” Thilak said.

According to her, this is the third floran variety fish used by the organisation for predictions.

The first fish Chanakya-1 predicted Germany’s win in the 2014 football world cup. Its successor Chanakya-2 predicted correctly the results of six cricket matches out of seven in 2014.