Chandigarh to ban short clothes on women, strict laws on night clubs too

Chandigarh, April 20: Chandigarh is all set to ban short skirts and any sort of ‘indecent’ clothes on woman. The temperatures are soaring high, and so is the pressure on Chandigarh officials. They are just not able to take women partying and wearing short clothes, not anymore! Officials are also going to be stringent on laws on discotheques in the city.

In its policy ‘Controlling of Places of Public Amusement, 2016’, the Chandigarh officials are going to be extremely careful about night parties and similar events in the city. According to officials, such places are breeding grounds for anti-nationals as well.

The policy has come into effect on April 1. It has not only curtailed the bar timings from 2am to 12 midnight, but it have also given unprecedented powers to the babus over bar owners in the city. This has made the running of bars and discotheques and tedious task in Chandigarh. The policy draft does not define scantily dress or indecency and does not elaborate on sedition either.