Change in paramilitary uniforms: New design by National Institute

Change in paramilitary uniforms: New design by National Institute. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, September 1: The uniforms of policemen of all states are going to change in the country. The responsibility for the change in the uniform has been assigned to the Ahmedabad-based National Institute of Design (NIFD). The National Institute of Design would design the uniforms of Paramilitary Forces personnel with the police of all the states.

According to media reports, “There is currently no uniformity in police uniform. The uniforms of every state are different. At present, the uniform is very thick so there is difficulty in summer. The new uniform would be  favorable for every season.

The National Institute of Design  shirts, trousers,belts, hats, shoes and jackets would also be redesigned. The advice is taken from all the states and new designs are shown to them. The new uniform cloth would be dust and antimicrobial. Still, it is not clear what would be the color of the uniform. Though it is believed that the color would be chosen keeping in mind the haze. At present, the uniform is of there is a khaki color that is not visible in the haze. The policemen would be more relaxed in the new uniform. The shoes will also be lightened as well.